The Next Level Leaders Program

Master the ArtS of Leadership at the next level.

Are you a middle-manager, senior associate, sales manager, business owner or a scale-up entrepreneur who would like to strengthen your leadership mindset and skills to meet some or all of the following challenges:

1. Getting the best focus or motivation out of your team
2. Struggling with personal confidence and focus
3. Projecting a strong executive brand or presence
4. Building engagement with your team or key stakeholders
5. Managing an increasingly multi-cultural environment or team
6. Regularly struggling with overwhelm and no work/life balance

If so, then your ability to communicate, strategise and motivate your teams, stakeholders and colleagues is essential. In an increasingly AI world, your people skills are now more important than just your expertise. In the new Hybrid and AI world we need to be more than just experts, we need to be influencers too.

Why is This Program Different?

This program is a unique collaboration of selected experts delivering cutting-edge, live, monthly, leadership masterclasses to grow the professional and personal development of mid-level managers, senior associates, sales managers and directors.



Flexibility of joining live interactive classes with experienced leadership experts and then access to post-class recordings.


Leadership Lab

Accountability and peer-to-peer learning, networking and mentoring through our bi-monthly Leadership Lab sessions. 


Skills Training

Learn from proven experts to gain personal and professional skills you can immediately apply within your leadership role.


Leadership Video Library

The Leadership Video Library, providing a rich resource of short videos on leadership including communications skills, delegation, networking, team motivation and more.


Join Anytime

As it has a ‘Rolling-Program’ approach, delegates can join at any time during the year and remain with the program until they have completed all 6 masterclasses. 


Level Up!

Supports existing in-house leadership programs and broadens the mindset and skillsets of managers and leaders stepping-up in existing positions OR stepping into new leadership roles. 

Empowering Existing and Future Leaders and Managers for Transformational Growth, Productivity and Leadership Success

This unique program for next level leaders offers members the following benefits: 

Program Structure:

program benefits

What do you gain from joining the Program?

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First, an unparalleled leadership education experience.

Join us for 6 x live, monthly online masterclasses featuring a unique collaboration of proven leadership and management experts and authors.

Discover the kind of leadership and management skills that transcend industries and fast track your abilities to grow in your role or grow to lead in a new role and maximise your productivity, brand and influence. Learn how to cultivate high-performance team cultures, harness the power of critical thinking, grow productivity and accelerate your leadership journey.

The best part? You have the flexibility to attend these dynamic masterclasses in real-time or catch up with the recordings at your convenience for up to 30 days after each training.

Plus, you get ready to engage live with these experts and authors, ensuring an interactive and enriching learning journey.

It's time to elevate your leadership skills and take your career to new heights. Join us on this exciting educational adventure where we forge leaders and fuel success.
Second, the opportunity to discuss and explore leadership topics and expand your management and leadership network and insights with your peers in our bi-monthly Leadership Labs.

Twice a month, join a safe space filled with other existing and future managers and leaders, all willing to connect, share insights and explore current leadership topics and challenges.

It's a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer learning, tapping into fresh perspectives and soaking in the collective wisdom of fellow leaders. These bi-monthly online Leadership Labs group coaching and networking sessions are where the magic happens.

Dive-deep into topics like communications, delegation and more, learn to apply your learning and seek support for your challenges and as your network is your net worth, let us help you build it and expand your leadership reach and influence.
Post-masterclass email support from the resident expert or author for up to 30 days after their masterclass.

Engage directly with the subject-matter expert for further support and assistance in applying their expertise to optimise your personal or team performance.
Lastly, your Leadership Video Library, filled with leadership and management knowledge delivered through short, instructional videos. And guess what? We're making it easy for you.

Over the course of the program, you'll receive weekly videos, covering key leadership subjects such as networking, communications skills, tips on making presentations, motivational videos and much more.

That's a series of fantastic regular videos, each one a treasure trove of leadership insights. But it's not just videos; it's your personal journey towards leadership excellence, one video at a time.
program Topics and speakers:
Allan Mackintosh:
Creating and Sustaining a High Performance Team
Learn the key essential steps to ensuring you develop a true high performance team. Learn how to identify and work with your team's supporters and saboteurs.

Allan Mackintosh

Stef Du Plessis:
How Workplace Culture Stifles Performance and Erodes Work-life Integration and What You as a Leader Can Do About It
Research shows that employees can, and want to, 'give' substantially more.

So, what stops them? Workplace culture. Leaders, everywhere, know this - but most admit that they don't know how to 'manage' culture. So it's left to chance.

The Unwritten Ground Rules, or UGRs, concept changes that. Because it provides a simple and practical, one-of-a-kind approach to understanding, assessing, improving, and embedding a culture-by-design that will enable the delivery of your strategic objectives, whilst at the same time making yours a great place to work. So say the leaders across the organisations in 50+ countries who have used UGRs to ramp up employee engagement, boost performance and bolster overall employee wellbeing. Including organisations like McLaren, Barclays Bank, KMart Australia, and many others - as well as a whole host of smaller companies, too. Across all industries.

But you need more than a framework to re-boot your culture. You also need your people to really 'want to' embark on the journey with you. And that's why the UGRs concept rests on a foundation of deep-rooted personal engagement - a unique approach to employee engagement, leadership, and work-life integration.

Stef Du Plessis

David Hyner:
How to Set MASSIVE Success Goals With Your Team
This fun and practical master class in goal-setting shows how to create a collaborative, co-creative and powerful set of performance goals with your team, to create a shared purpose and drive focused and measured performance.

David Hyner

Valerie Pierce:
Sharp Thinking for Effective Leadership
Valerie Pierce of Hult Ashridge Business School and Creator of the Clear and Critical Thinking training programmes shares simple and effective critical thinking techniques to enhance your peak performance in challenging times.

Valerie Pierce

Scott Johnston:
How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome to Be a More Compelling Leader
Imposter syndrome eats away at our identity and influence over others. Authentic gravitas is the secret sauce of leadership, engagement and respect. This session  will help you understand who you are and how you want to be perceived by those you lead. It will help you to be a Compelling Leader.

Scott Johnston

James Parnell:
The Stress-Free Productivity Warrior
In this interactive session, we talk about the 4 pillars of productivity and the amazing resources at your disposal and embedded within you that can fire your productivity, your well-being and that of your team.. 

James Parnell

Sean Weafer:
Communications Skills Sessions

During the bi-monthly your Leadership Labs Sean will facilitate interactive skills sessions on influencing skills, time management, presentation skills, networking to develop your brand, motivating your team and much more.

Sean Weafer

Hidai Delgani:
The Benefits of a Successful Multicultural Environment
An interactive and engaging presentation to give participants the tools to deal with situations (both as team members and leaders and as expats and locals) that can arise with this challenging and increasingly important subject of leading multicultural teams, as the world becomes more global and diverse.

Hidai Delgani

Please note that there are no masterclasses or Leadership Labs during December.

Program Curator:

Sean Weafer is a internationally experienced executive coach and sales mentor, speaker, author and curator of the Next Level Leaders Program.

He is passionate about growing top-class leaders and managers in the world today and as an engineer by profession and a trained psychotherapist, he likes simple, clear explanations and actionable steps to master complex concepts like change, communications, leadership, positive mindset and motivation, resilience, focus, mentoring and coaching.

Sean has put together a fantastic panel of leadership experts on this unique collaborative program, to help subject-matter expert leaders, middle managers, senior associates, business owners and entrepreneurial leaders grow in their existing role (or grow to lead in a future role) by mastering the art of managing change, engagement and influence,  positioning themselves for role change and supercharging their productivity, mindset and teams.

Conscious of time in an increasingly busy world, everything has been designed to be delivered in byte-size, easily applied, learning sessions.

So join us where we develop and empower Next Level Leaders.

More about Sean


Books by Sean Weafer

Providing unique insights in leadership, sales and coaching.

Sean is the author of several books on high impact leadership and sales coaching, communications skills and values. These books provide specific, actionable insights to help you achieve game-changing results.

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Master the Art of Next Level Leadership: Maximise Your Influence, Productivity, Brand and Team.

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Meet the Experts

Allan Mackintosh

Allan is a dedicated team performance coach and has over 40 years of working in, and with, both corporate and sports teams. Allan is highly rated conference speaker and has spoken at numerous industry conferences across the UK, Europe, and India.  His latest book, ‘Team Champion! – Taking Teamwork Seriously’ was launched in June 2021.

Stef Du Plessis

Stef du Plessis is a leading authority on employee engagement and workplace culture and helps companies to improve their bottom-line results by growing their people and creating winning workplace cultures. His insights, teachings and methodologies create turning points for individuals, leaders, teams and organisations alike.

Hidai Delgani

Director, Co-Owner & Co-Founder at O.H Degani Consultants a global consultancy, based in Dublin, helping businesses leverage digital, customer experience and change for profitable growth.A consultant, mentor and speaker, originally from the tech industry in Israel, with extensive global experience including 5 successful relocations to Gibraltar, London, Berlin, Malta & Ireland with different international companies.

David Hyner

David Hyner is a motivational goal-setting trainer, speaker and researcher to over 1.2 MILLION delegates over the last twenty-three years. He has a fun, challenging and engaging style of delivery based on 25+ years of research interviews with over 250 top achievers on the subjects of goal achievement, motivation, memory skills, purpose and productivity. One such fact is that 26.5% is the measured ‘average’ increase in productivity when using a goal setting process. In this workshop learn how to make effective goal-setting work for you and your team to make 2024 your best year yet.

Valerie Pierce

Valerie is Professor of Practice at Ashridge/Hult International Business School, UK. She has lectured on MSc & MBA programs at many business schools including Ashridge, Brooks University Oxford, Warwick Medical School in the UK as well as Smurfit School of Business and Trinity College, Dublin.She is the author of ‘Quick Thinking on Your Feet.’ and ‘Focus: The Art of Clear Thinking’ and the creator of the Clear and Critical Thinking training and coaching programs.

Sean Weafer

Sean is a senior executive coach and sales mentor to leaders, practice professionals, entrepreneurs and sales teams enabling them to build their engagement, influence, productivity and sales success. He is the founder of the program and an author and conference speaker.

James Parnell

James is Founder of The Wellbeing Gym , creator of the SPIRAL method for personal wellbeing and performance and author of the book 'A New Dawn'. The Wellbeing Gym provides online, offline and blended wellbeing, leadership, performance and productivity training talks, workshops and programmes to individuals and businesses.

Scott Johnston

Scott (from Scotland) was called to the Bar by Lincoln’s Inn, London in 1990. He has appeared in various Courts and Tribunals, focusing on ‘people law’ such as employment, bullying and harassment, family disputes and child protection. As a Barrister-turned Speaker, Trainer, Executive Coach he brings the skills of the legal world into your business world. From Courtroom to Boardroom, Scott works with leaders and professionals to help you ‘Raise the Bar’ (pun intended) and to Be More Compelling

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Frequently Asked Questions...

We've got the answers to your questions.

How Much Time Does the Program Take?
On the 3rd Tuesday of every month there is a 90-minute online Leadership Masterclass with a leadership expert AND on the 1st and 4th Tuesday of every month, there are 60-minute Leadership Lab sessions, to dive into relevant or requested leadership topics, communications and coaching skills, ask questions, get support or just share insights and wins.

(Please note that in December there are no Leadership Labs or Masterclasses).
What’s My Investment?

The fee is £1750 per person for the 6 month program (or pay £300 per month x 6). If you want to place 5 delegates on the program, you need only invest in 4. Please contact us if you would like to place larger groups on the program at any one time.
What’s My Commitment?
Masterclasses are scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of every month between 12.30-2pm (UKI time) and Leadership Labs for the 1st and 4th Tuesday of every month between 12.30pm-1.30pm (UKI time) (except December).

Members are encouraged to schedule and attend all Leadership Labs and Masterclasses where possible. However, masterclasses are also recorded and available to view for 30 days after the presentation date.

At the end of the cycle of classes, the classes repeat so that new members can join at any time and remain until they complete the 6 month program.
Is This a Safe Confidential Space?
Yes. All program members are requested to sign an NDA for all matters discussed at Leadership Lab and masterclass sessions.

Maximise your leadership influence and productivity.

As the program is a 'rolling program' (modules are repeated - or updated - at the end of each 6 session cycle) so that you can join anytime, no need to wait for a specific date. Once you're in, your membership is good for a full 6 month cycle of masterclasses and Leadership Labs until you complete your program.

Now, let's talk about confidentiality. We take it seriously. When you sign up, you'll agree to our membership terms, which include a rock-solid NDA (that's a Non-Disclosure Agreement) for discussions held during our Leadership Library and Masterclass sessions. Your trust and privacy are non-negotiable.

So come join the journey and let's get ready to forge leaders and fuel success, together.